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Your go-to app for localized residential repair, replacement, and remodeling cost estimates provides REALTORS® and others precise estimates fueled by industry-leading cost data validated in the field daily by thousands of real contractors.


Instant Remodeling & Renovation Estimates

Estimating Superpowers for You and Your Clients

Whether you're enhancing a home's appeal in the pre-listing stage, assisting buyers visualize future renovations, or navigating price negotiations, Snaptimate is your trusted partner.

Instant Estimates
Create estimates for all pre-listing or post inspection repair, replacement and remodeling projects in under 30 seconds. Select the work that needs to be done and get a full detailed estimate, specific to that property, in seconds. Send the results to your clients with a live-updating link or PDF.
Weeks to Seconds
Contractors are busy, and waiting for an estimate to repair or replace anything from the inspection report can take time. Delays cause an estimated 30% of real estate transactions to fall through! With Snaptimate, you cut that time from days to seconds, maintaining excitement and keeping the transaction moving forward.
Accurate & Localized
Our estimates are not based on national averages. We have pricing for 15,000+ tasks for over 350 different regions throughout the U.S. Our prices are updated quarterly so you can be sure you’re getting the most accurate estimates for your client.
Build Confidence
Uncertainty kills momentum and promotes stress; the last thing you want in the midst of a real estate transaction. Snaptimate is your unbiased disinterested 3rd Party tool that all parties can rely on for instant estimates.
Help Customers
Provide differentiated customer service by helping your buyers and sellers understand the true costs associated with repairs, replacement and renovation so they can make data-driven decisions.
Just the Beginning
This is our first version of Snaptimate, we have big plans for future iterations. Already, based on user feedback, our project library is rapidly expanding. Stay tuned!

Trusted by Contractors Nationwide

Snaptimate estimates rely on the same cost data that we’ve been providing to residential contractors and tradespeople for over 20 years. We are proud to be the #1 trusted estimating software in the industry.

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Instant Estimates for the Real Estate Industry

If a client has ever asked you for an estimate on a repair, replacement, or renovation project, you have come to the right place.

Provide differentiated customer service by providing your buyers and sellers true repair, replacement and renovation costs to help them make data-driven decisions.
Property Investors
Use data to inform your property research process and for prioritizing the projects that will maximize the impact of your investment. Snaptimate can help you quickly estimate the costs of repairs and renovations to get the home ready for the market or renters.
Insurance Agents
Accurately assign costs for the losses and damages from a real-world data source. Snaptimate can help you quickly estimate the costs of repairs and replacements to streamline your operations while providing accurate results.
Home Inspectors
Add rich detail to your home inspection reports by including repair and replacement estimates for your clients. Snaptimate allows you to differentiate your service by highlighting the significance of your findings in terms of actionable financial impacts.
Mortgage Lenders
Provide loan coverage beyond the purchase of the home by enabling the 80% of home-buyers who intend to remodel with the resources to achieve their goals without secondary financing. Snaptimate gives you the confidence to know the true costs of repairs and renovations to make data-driven decisions.
Home Appraisers
Incorporate cost-based approaches into your calculations by leveraging real-world data for accurate adjustments. Snaptimate is a simple extension of your current toolset for addressing the implications of property deficiencies.

Frequently asked questions

Where do your prices come from?

We calculate material, labor, and markup costs based on supplier pricing and the aggregated usage patterns of tens of thousands of contractors who trust our software to run their business. Costs are constantly and automatically refined as market conditions change.

How long does it take to get an estimate?

A new estimate can be created in under 30 seconds just by knowing the type of work, the zip code, and the quantity of the work.

Can I get a contractor to do the work?

Absolutely! You can choose your own contractor or tap into our network of thousands of contractors from all around the US who can complete the work for you.

A Team of Passionate Remodeling Nerds

We’re a passionate group of data lovers who know the pain of home-buying and selling. Our team includes REALTORS®, nationally acclaimed remodelers, real estate investors, home flippers, and the development team who delivered the #1 construction estimating tool used by residential contractors for over 20 years.

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Our Team

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